Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding is our core business and play a supporting role to other core business of Coil Winding and Plastic Component Assembly.


We have 97 units extensive range of plastic injection molding machines from 20  to 850 Clamping Force (tonnages), including 40 unit high precision, energy efficient, electric injection molding machines.

Plastic Injection Molding Product Part

We are using almost all kind of Plastic Material such as: ABS, PBT, PC, PC-ABS, HIPS, PA, POM, PPE, PMMA, Elastomer.       

Mechanism & Plastic Component Assembly

We assemble mechanism of dot matrix printer and we do assembly of Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) unit and Duplex unit for Inkjet printers.

       Assembly line for mechanism of SIDM & ADF for Inkjet Printer


        Mechanism Printer                                                 Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) for Inkjet Printer

Precision Coil Winding

We provide Coil Manufacturing services for Relay, Deflection York, Transformer, Ignition Coil and Core-less Coils. Our coil winding manufacturing operations are supported by Japanese engineers with specialized precision coil winding experiences.

Our coil winding machines are highly integrated which can wind up to 18 coils at high speed up to 23,000 revolutions per minutes (rpm) simultaneously with automatic twisting, winding, terminal inserting, soldering and resistance inspection.


 Coil Winding Parts


          Relay Coil (Electronic)            Selenoid Coil (Electronic)                  Stepping Motor (Electronic)


          Balance Coil (Electronic)          Coil Ignition (Automotive)


Health Care Component Assembly

We assemble stator motor and rotor for high tech, low inertia, dual stage motor to support easy breathe health care equipments produced by ResMed  Motor Technologies, USA.


           Health Care Component Assembly


          Stator Motor (Healthcare)            Stator Coil (Healthcare)